I have two queries and hope to get some workaround / solution

  1. Instead of connecting directly to the data sources can it be done via API’s. If yes are there some documents / blog which can help me
  2. I wanted to connect to two different data sources and produce results. I saw in one documentation which said we can add a new data source as “Query Results(Alpha)” Which will be release after 1.0. Is this still considered?

Link where I saw we can use two different queries https://redash.io/help/queries/using-datasets-as-data-sources.html

Thanks !

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  1. It’s not clear if you want Redash to use some API or to use Redash’s API.
  2. Yes, it’s still considered. There is no ETA.

Its Redash to connect data sources via API. Like connect to MariaDB via an API…