API call with headers as datasource (API query runner)


Hi guys,
Would some of you as well enjoy Redash being able to query various service providers that have a data query model accessbile through an API?
For those of you who use cloudflare (a customer of Redash) or other SAAS provider which have limited internal reporting capabilities, but a complete API to query data, this would make a huge difference.

How could that look like?
I would see a datasource called API, where you could set a base URL and Headers variables.
In the query part, it could be very simple and one would insert the missing part of the URL.

In the datasource part:
For cloudflare, I would have a base URL looking like this:
I would have a list of Headers keys one could add, in the cloudflare example:
header key: X-Auth-Email header value: blablabal@blabla.bla
header key: X-Auth-Key header value: 12345
header key: Content-Type value: application/json

In the query itself, I would simply paste what’s missing:

This would result in a JSON response that should not be a problem for redash to render.
Therefor, the difficulty here will be to transform the results of such API calls into the expected “Columns” and “Rows” format in a dynamic way, acting as a converter that handles objects and nested documents.

Any interest?


Huge interest on my side for this feature.
The URL type of Datasource is not compliant with secured API (with Oauth or Basic authentication).