Archive/Unpublish Dashboard

Where can I find archived dashboards or dashboards that were published and then unpublished?
I unpublished a dashboard and now I can’t find it anywhere.

In addition, what is the difference between the 2 operations “unpublish” and “archive”?

Thank you.

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Unpublished dashboards are available within the web app but only visible to the user who created them.

Archived dashboards are effectively soft-deleted. They are invisible to the web app, but you can still access them if you know their URL. If you can access Redash’s metadata dashboard database you can also find all the archived dashboards there:

select * from dashboards where is_archived=True

Thank you for the reply.

I unpublish a dashboard and the main admin didn’t find the dashboard to republish again.

How can I access Redash’s metadata dashboard?

I made at typo. I should have written “metadata database” not “dashboard”. I updated my previous post.

To access the metadata db it’s helpful to know how you set up Redash. If you used Docker then it’s very easy, you’ll just create a new “Postgres” data source in Redash:

The host, username, and database values on the setup screen will be postgres. The password will have been randomly generated when you first installed Redash, but should be present in the .env file of the /opt/redash folder on your web server.