ARM64 support in the docker images?


Just went through the process of getting docker-compose running on a CentOS 7 ARM64 server (hosted in Scaleway).

Using the latest Redash (v7) docker-compose.yml from the GitHub repo, it pulls down all of the images. However, only the PostgreSQL and Redis ones keep up, the other continually restart. The container logs for the Redash images show:

standard_init_linux.go:207: exec user process caused "exec format error"

Guessing that means the official Redash images on the docker hub are AMD64 only for now? :frowning:

If that’s the case, is there any interest in having ARM64 ones added? :slight_smile:



It would be pretty cool to run Redash on Raspbian…



Hmmm, are you thinking of Raspberry Pi class hardware?

I’m meaning server class 64-bit ARM (running CentOS 7 in this instance). :slight_smile:

Both PostgreSQL and Redis already have ARM64 images, so I was kind of expecting Redash would too (Python being not being too tied to a specific arch). :wink:



Apart from storage concerns there’s no reason why a basic Redash instance couldn’t run on an rPi. Of course more resources are better – but the more accessible Redash becomes the greater adoption we can expect :slight_smile:



There is also the RAM concern. At the moment Redash is a bit hungry for it, although this can be optimized by not installing all the different data sources dependencies.

I’m not sure we will have the resources to properly support ARM (i.e. test new versions on it, maintain configurations, etc) at the moment unless it’s something very trivial.



It’s no worries. Our desire for ARM64 has ceased anyway due to idiocy by Scaleway. :frowning:



Oh, wow. What a stupid move on their part. :man_facepalming: