Asana Integration

Hello everyone,

Our company started using Redash in a self-hosted environment last week and we have been looking into converting our Google Sheets powered dashboards into the more robust and good-looking solution that is Redash.

One tool that we hoped to connect to Redash was Asana, our project management software, in order to be able to integrate project timelines into our Redash powered dashboards. I see that JIRA has been added to the list of integrated tools that can work natively with Redash but I thought it would be worth a shot to gauge the interest and make a proper official request for Asana to be added to the list of integrations that Redash offers.

I understand that Redash mainly focuses on providing a way for people to visualize and reports on big datasets softwares but it seems to me that the potential of this tool can go well beyond this niche, hence my post here.

Happy to debate about the utility of such a feature. I just believe that this could be a successful integration the same way JIRA made it into the list :slight_smile:


Sounds like a nice integration :smile: Does Asana have a reporting API?

Not sure what you mean by reporting API but it does have an API that gives you access to projects’ tasks and information in JSON which is super easy to pull out and manipulate afterwards. At the moment I just made a connection between Google Sheets and Asana and then integrated the Google Sheets version of the Asana project in Redash. And yeah it’s mostly JSON output so that makes it really easy to play with :slight_smile: