Athena Querry not working


If I use this query:

select *
from table

or this:

select id
from table

Everything works fine with AWS Athena.
But If I try somthing like:

select *
from table
where id=1

It doesn’t stop loading and If I cancel it shows the error message:

Error running query: (psycopg2.IntegrityError) null value in column “data” violates not-null constraint DETAIL: Failing row contains (1459, 1, 10, c950da496eb190cee819ba34d1e275e4, select * from table where id=1, null, 42.6282, 2018-03-16 09:21:30.660586+00).

What does this mean? Why doesn’t it work?


I found out it is an Athena problem.


It works like that for us
select *
from “table”
where “id”=1