Auto Refresh not working on scheduled queries

I am using Redash V3 version in my premises for analytics. i recently created a public dashboard having queries which are scheduled for every 30 minutes. but the queries are not refreshing on there own

Please help me with this as i have shared the dashboard with my client and he cannot see the latest data

Wow that’s an old edition of Redash. A bit before my time.

You haven’t given any information to help us debug. What’s special about these queries? Which data source? Do they successfully update manually? Do all scheduled queries fail or only some? Do they use parameters?

Hey, Thanks for the response.

Indeed its a very old edition of Redash but my organisation have several dependencies to upgrade to higher version , however we are already planning to upgrade to version 7.

There is nothing special about these queries as none of the auto refresh is working. all scheduled queries show the time of schedules but the background schedule is not happening in any of the query. Yes the queries do update manually.

The celery daemon for scheduler is also running but nothing is there in logs.

Shot in the dark: are you certain your scheduler can talk to Redis?

As described in the developer guide there are workers that pop jobs out of Redis. The workers execute the queries and store a cached result. The scheduler runs perpetually and pushes jobs to Redis according to the query schedules. So if it’s connection to Redis is broken, the workers will never run scheduled queries.