Auto Refresh Queries for Inactive Users

When a user is marked Inactive, their auto refresh queries stop auto refreshing. Tried adding auto refresh for the whole dashboard. That also did not auto refresh the queries of the Inactive users.

Context : If a user leaves the org, we mark them as Inactive. But the dashboards they have created are still in use. Hence will need option to allow the queries of these users to not stop from auto refreshing.

I think a better solution would be to allow object ownership to be transferred. This way someone who is active can still “own” the query or dashboard.

Makes sense k4s1m. I tried adding an active member as a co-owner for the query but that too does not auto refresh the widget. Transferring ownership is not available out of the box currently. Will have to change the owner in the redash database for the queries and try.

Yes that sounds right.