Auto Schedule Refresh Query is not working

I set query to run every 1 hours. However, I’m not seeing the “last executed at” column update at all? How do I know if the query is actually running every 1 hours?.
i don’t use paremeter, just a simple query

Welcome to the forum @dzunghoangnjv! A couple questions for you:

  1. Do you see the “Last Executed At” value update when you refresh your browser page?
  2. Are you certain that your query scheduler worker is running?

Thank @k4s1m

  1. No, It should be the value of ‘one hour ago’ as I set but the value is updated ‘17 hours ago’.
  2. I think it’s not running that’s why I need your help.
    I also tried others like “every 5 minutes”, “every 30 minutes”,… while browser page was still opening, but It’s not working

You didn’t mention how you installed Redash.

If it’s a Docker installation (which is recommended) you can run docker ps to see which containers are running. You should see one called scheduler.

I’m just a business user, not admin. So I don’t know how it was installed.