From the Forum I already understand that the “Auto Refresh” of Dashboards doesn’t work without Queries having a refresh schedule. However, I still have an issue.

  • Queries are set to a refresh schedule of 15 minutes
  • Dashboard is set to a refresh schedule of 30 minutes

Issue: Neither queries nor dashboard automatically refresh. When I open the queries Overview I see queries that didn’t run for some hours while all queries are set to 15 min. Also cross checked in the psql db where 900 is set as reload interval so that seems to be fine.
For the Dashboards I see that I can set it to 30 min but when I then leave the Dashboard and come back later I don’t see that setting anymore.

Do I understand it correct that this is at least how it is supposed to work?
Redash Version is 4.0.2+b4708

Also wanted to check logs for some error, but supervisor log file is empty and also tried the below link but folder is not created: