AWS Athena Connector Error

Can anyone help me with this error when I try to test the Athenas connector in Redash:
Parameter validation failed: Unknown parameter in QueryExecutionContext: “Catalog”, must be one of: Database

Have you entered a valid Catalog in the athena data source configuration screen?

Yes, and i am following this issue about: Unknown parameter in QueryExecutionContext: “Catalog” when create the Athena type datasource · Issue #5817 · getredash/redash (

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In the “S3 Staging (Query Results) Bucket Path” field, we need to put the S3 path, like this: arn:aws:s3:::my_bucket/####* or another way? We did a test with just the path: s3://my_bucket/ and the same error was reported.

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The error you’re receiving says you need to provide a catalog in your connection details. Have you done this?

Yes, and we had the same error…