Hello all,

I’ve been successfully running redash on a AWS Redshift cluster for a while.

I just received an email from AWS explaining they were changing the certificate system of the Redshift clusters and inviting me to follow advices on this page: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/redshift/latest/mgmt/connecting-transitioning-to-acm-certs.html

Basically it means the clients of the Redshift clusters should be prepared in order to be able to connect to it after the change is done.

The easiest way is to update the jdbc driver, which I’ve done for my local computer.
However I don’t know what to do with my redash instance.
Does the change will impact the redash connection?
Does redash connect to Amazon Redshift clusters using SSL with the sslMode connection option set to require, verify-ca, or verify-full configuration option ? Is it using a deprecated aws redash driver?
If so, can I update the JDBC driver for redshift only?

Thank for your insight.


@jerome, would love to hear if you find an answer.
@arikfr, can you help?

Hello @galmoran,

No I haven’t found the answer to this question.
In the meanwhile I’ve replace my Redshift cluster by a simple RDS Postgres database, so this question is not critical anymore for me.
Thanks. Jérôme.

Also interested in this topic.
Does anybody know how to make sure that Redash plays nice with ACM? :slight_smile:

I don’t have a solution to share yet, but you’re welcome to subscribe to the issue on GitHub:

If someone figured out how to test this before October 23rd, please share :slight_smile:

Looks OK to me, but if any of you want to test it out I will appreciate it.


Hi @arikfr, what is the impact to redash hosted customers using a Redshift datasource please?

No impact: the patch was applied in advance.