Backup and Restore - Queries and Dashboards in Redash

Hello everyone,

I cannot find a documentation anywhere on exact process backing up and restoring Dashboards and Queries in Redash?

@arikfr would you be so kind to point me at a step-by-step manual on how to do it? If one doesn’t exist, can you please explain me how to do it?


@arikfr I’m trying to backup the 0.11.* ver database, and restore in 8.0 ver. Queries and Dashboards to be exact. I want to understand if this is even possible to do. So far no solution worked for me. I’ve found few topics on how to do something like that, but they do not cover that deep into the legacy versions.

Can you please get back to me?

Wow migrating from v0.1 to v8 is going to be a challenge. Not so much for moving the queries but because the visualizations have changed so much since then. The documentation includes instructions for upgrading from pre 1.0:

You will need to upgrade one-version-at-a-time. You can’t take data from v0.1 and drop it directly into v8.

Wonderful! @k4s1mthank you very much for getting back to me on this issue.

Can you tell me, what is the minimum version of Redash that I have to upgrade the instances to before I can move the data?


The docs mention that you shouldn’t skip any version.

So you would go from v0.1 to v1 to v2 to v3 to v4 to v5 to v6 to v7 to v8.

@k4s1m Gotcha! Thanks a lot for clearing that for me.
At least now I know that it is not possible to migrate from 0.1 to 8.0 directly.


To clarify for future readers: it’s not unique that @vadim_osipov needs to update one version at a time. Everyone should do this. If you are on V7 and wish to update to V9 you cannot upgrade directly. You must “apply” each version in order. V7 -> V8 -> V9.