I want to connect a .csv file as my data source for my first project. please let me know how this is possible! :slight_smile:

Hey @tiffanyhsu — as far as I know, the only way to do this is via URL.

  1. Upload CSV somewhere so you can access it from URL. Dropbox works fine for this.
  2. Set up a new data source: CSV (from URL) (Please note: CSV (from URL) data source is only available on the SaaS version)
  3. Create a new query, select your CSV Data source on the top left.
  4. Use the CSV file URL address (can be Dropbox URL) as the first row. If you are using Dropbox, make sure it ends as … .csv?dl=1
  5. This is going to automatically populate the table view below which you can further configure and set up new visualizations.

If you’ll need to further query the CSV, this will help: https://redash.io/help/user-guide/querying/query-results-data-source

@zsoltk when im connecting the new CSV data source, under the ‘name’ area, do I put in the link of the CSV? also, after I put in the URL address in the first line of my query, it doesn’t let me execute it to show the table or anything.

would love some advice, thank you!

You can use anything for the CSV data source name.

Do you get any error message? Have you selected the CSV data source?

Hi @zsoltk, yeah I selected the CSV data source in the upper left!
I copied the link into the first line.
I get this error when i try to execute it.
“Error running query: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, list found”

hi@zsoltk, I’m a new user of redash and I’m facing the same problem with a CSV file from an URL address. I followed your step to set up the CSV data source and put the URL as the first row in the query window. It runs the query and the messages appears to be “loading results”. But after 20 seconds or so, it gives the Error running query: failed communicating with server. Please check your Internet connection and try again.

Is this a problem with my server or is it with dropbox?

Btw, the URL address of the fake data that I use is:



The error message indicates communication error with the Redash server. Does it persist everytime you try to load the query?

Hi @arikfr , yes. It persists every time I try to load the query after 20 seconds. The only case that I was able to load a URL data on Dropbox, is when I saved the sample json file on your help page (https://redash.io/help/data-sources/querying-urls) to Dropbox (and it loads instantly). But it doesn’t work for any CSV file (or unformatted json files), big or small.

The URL data source does not support CSV files, hence the error.

There is an open pull request for a CSV data source, which I thought you were using…

Bumping an old topic to say that we now have documentation about accessing and querying CSV files. Doc page is here.