Being able to schedule Data Deliveries (email, Slack, other channels)


Hey guys,

I’m using re:dash opensource version for a while and it is incredible! I have some dashboards in use but there is still a feature that I miss a lot.

Feature: Be able to schedule data distribution jobs of dashboards or graphs that are available in redash.

In user story format that could be written as: As a BI analyst, I would love to be able to distribute reports and data through established communication channels (such as e-mail, Slack and etc) so that I could stimulate data-driven decisions.

Some references that can define better the idea of data delivery through communication channels are:


I actually came here to post this same feature request.

For our use case, we have a bunch of queries in re:dash and don’t mind creating dashboard or visualizations, but we have a problem where people are very busy and forget to check out the status of some of our queries. Where if we were able to have a daily digest type feature and just email the results of a few queries to them (or push to Slack), that would be great and help ensure that the reports are being viewed.

Happy to chat more about our use case if need be.


Same thing happens here Brett! People forget to look at dashboards because is yet one more task to do. Distributing data through the organization is not only convenient but incentivize data-driven mindset among among those who are not used to look at data. My dream is to have team receiving weekly results in Slack open channel. Everybody is aligned with their area key results and it generates discussion around what actions could improve those metrics. Less effort spent on learning systems and finding dashboards and more on executing and receiving feedbacks from metrics!