Between operator suggest in alerts

Hello, i want to suggest a new alert Operator “Between” where would it be possible add two values to compare a query result. Could this be implemented? In the moment, we have Operator Less than, greater than and equals. I appreciate for the attention.

Isn’t this dependent on your data source?

I didn’t understand what you meant.

I can’t explain it very well, but when I select the “value column” and the value of that column is returned, in this case “65”. I would like to compare this value as follows: 65 greater than 60 and less than 70. If the value is below 60 or above 70 the status should be “triggered”, and if the value is between 60 and 70 the status is “OK”.

Thanks for clarifying that this is about Alerts. I updated the post title to make it easier to find. I agree this would be a great feature!