BigQuery Queries always 404


Hi there,

I have a self hosted Redash instance setup with a BigQuery connector using a service account with BigQuery Admin privileges. After setting up the datasource the test works okay and I can also load the schema.

When I want to execute a simple query it will always show a 404 error saying the job is not found, I have no idea how to debug this, I can use the same query just fine in the Google Cloud interface.

Here is the error
Error running query: { “error”: { “code”: 404, “message”: “Not found: Job myproject:job_Kbx_n7l-wNHl_DuCHXQ2IBLW57MV”, “errors”: [ { “message”: “Not found: Job myproject:job_Kbx_n7l-wNHl_DuCHXQ2IBLW57MV”, “domain”: “global”, “reason”: “notFound” } ], “status”: “NOT_FOUND” } }


Hi. Could you tell me your version?

And did you upgrade to it?


I’m using redash via the provided Docker-Compose, here is the line:
image: redash/redash:5.0.0.b4754

I am connecting to redash via traefik as a reverse proxy, but I don’t think that should affect… please see my docker-compose.yml file here



Issue has been solved by setting the Processing Region (which I had previously left blank) to asia-southeast1

I think it would be good to hardcode these into a dropdown box, it was not clear what I should have put here and so I just left it blank which defaults to the USA region, but having a dropdown would make it immediately apparent.