BigQuery Row Level Security

I configured a row policy in BigQuery to a service account. I have proved to executing query in different ways such as: from bigquery and datagrip and the query works fine. But when I try executing in redash, I have the error: Capture

Can you share your data source settings for BQ?

What do you have in these fields?

CleanShot 2021-09-22 at 14.07.37

If I delete row policy the query works fine, but if I enable the row policy the query doesn’t work. In addition, I modified the parameter scanned data limit to 20.000 MB, but , query doesnt work

Do you have access to your Redash logs? Can you see any more information about the totalBytesProcessed error?

Actually just found this PR which seems to address this exact issue: Guard against empty totalProcessedBytes in BigQuery responses by tleavitt · Pull Request #5592 · getredash/redash · GitHub

Can you verify that the PR solves your error?

Hello Jessi,

We made the change and query works fine. Thank you four help.

Awesome! I’ve approved the pull request. It will merge into master once the build completes.

This change has now merged into master. Thanks for helping test it!