We’re using Redash for two data sources, Amazon Redshift and Snowflake. We configured a dedicated virtual warehouse on Snowflake so that any queries for updating our dashboards don’t compete with any other queries run by analysts. That warehouse is configured to auto suspend after idling for 10min.

I noticed it wouldn’t auto suspend and would be kept alive 24/7 and we’d be billed accordingly. I couldn’t find any hints in the UI, so I read the source code. I found an if condition which skips the regular schema updates for a data source if it is blacklisted in Redis. I looked up that data source’s ID and added it to the set using the redis-cli. I didn’t find any other way to do so but this seems a bit hacky.

Is this feature new and just not documented or will it be deprecated soon? Is there a better way to leverage this on-demand resume/suspend feature that Snowflake offers out-of-the-box? Any input would be appreciated!