Bug - Infos in graph are different than the hover infos

I honestly don’t know why the infos in the graph are different than the hover infos, as shown in the image below:

It was supposed to show something around 10M/10M/0, but it shows 7k/0/0. I’ve seen some issues reported months ago that complained about this, but no one solved it yet. Does anybody know why is this happening? Or how should I fix it?


Yeah this comes up a lot. It’s not a bug with Redash but with your query. The solution is easy.

The problem

Your query returns more than one Y-axis value for each X-axis value.

The solution
Aggregate these together with a SUM function.

Why does it show up the way it does?
Because Plotly is doing its best to show your data. If your data set includes 2 records for VALOR POSSIVEL: 0, 11M, it will show both. But it can only show the label for one of them. If you rewrite your query to SUM those two values together than the label will show accurately.

Thank you for the answer! I will try it!

Jesse, this is a simpler version of my query:

The graph still displays a distorted information:

What could be happening?

Rather than share the query, please share the actual data. Anything at all could be returned by the SQL you’ve written.

I figured out what was going on! Your advice was very helpful! Thanks!

My group by function was returning multiple values and it was kind of screwing everything.

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