[Bug?] Slack Integration doesn't respond when you only have a Table


I have a query where the only Vis is a table (with some custom html formatting)

If I request this vis from slack, it pops up the message

Redash APP [12:58 PM]
OK, looking for a query that matches - grand master status.

But never returns anything. If I add a different vis, the same slack request will return that vis fine.


This is strange. Does it happen with every query or just this one? Is it on your app.redash.io account or the self hosted one?


I’ve done a bit more testing, and think I’ve worked out the scenario where it’ll occur, and is hopefully reproducible.

Create a NewQuery with the default table. /redash NewQuery should work ok and does indeed return the table.
Then create a second vis, also a table.
/redash NewQuery now gets stuck on OK, looking for a query that matches - NewQuery

So seems it doesn’t like there being more than one Table vis for a query

(And this is on Hosted)