Bulk import user or let new user register


Hi guys,

we have a self-hosted redash in our organization. One of the pain points I have as an admin right now is I have to manually create users in redash.

Is there a way that I can do bulk import? or let them create account by themselves?



You have two options I can think of:

  1. Enable SSO either with Google OAuth or SAML.
  2. Use the API to create users.


I have enabled SSO with Google OAUTH, however I still need to send an invite to new user first so that they can setup their account.

Moreover, I couldn’t find any API documentation regarding create users.


Once you enable SSO and configure allowed domain names, users can be created automatically without you having to send them an invite first.

The API documentation is practically non existant, but it’s a simple REST API – you can either review the code or check the Network tab, when creating a user in the browser. The browser is using Cookie authentication, but you can use an API key as well (that’s actually documented).


It worked!

Thank you arik!