Calculated field and additional value fields in pivot table



i was wondering if it would be possible to add a “calculated field” into the Pivot visualization, like you have in MS Excel and Google Spreadsheets? Also would it be possible to add additional “value” fields, e.g. sum of X AND sum of Y?

Basically i want to calculate the ratio between 2 values and display them all together (e.g. impressions | answers | conversion rate (answers/impressions), which isn’t really doable in the SQL because of aggregation issues (why i use a pivot table in the first place).

Is any of this possibly as of now?



It would be great to have the above mentioned two features to calculated derived metrics in Pivot table.


We needed to find alternative as we also missed this feature, we needed to:

  • Create a different pivot table for each value/data field we wanted to see
  • Use SQL for calculations, but this is not a solution for calculated rates (divisions)


+1 for this feature.

Cannot take cumulative totals in pivot table as there is no provision for running totals like excel or Calc.
Cannot write a sql query for the same as cumulative sums should be dynamic based on the pivot table slicing.


+1 for this feature. Doing a COUNT on attribute in SQL, displaying it fine in Pivot Table, but want to run a simple division calc between 2 columns to get a rate. Example: column 1 - Total Sends, column 2 - Total Opens. I can’t add a new column which would be a calc on col 1 and 2.