I’m using redash very often, and want add more features, maybe make pr request to redash master later;
I’m using redash 6.0 docker currently and have a lot of queries.

  1. What is the master branch design for?
  2. Can I use master in production? What is the best practice for me currently?

The master branch is where development happens. That’s the correct branch to generate PR’s. :slight_smile:

For using it in Production, it probably depends on how stable you want your deployment to be. If you need something stable, it’s probably best to keep it running from the release branches.

If you’re ok with the occasional break in things, and needing to fix stuff, then sure you could run from master. It just depends on your priorities. :smile:


As @justinclift mentioned master is where development happens and at times it’s not stable enough for production usage. If you still want to use the bleeding edge with a bit more confidence, I would consider using the redash/preview Docker Images. These are created on every master build, so you can pick a stable version of master and use it.

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OK, I will use this branch: release/7.0.x, thank you!

I will use branch release/7.0.x, thanks.
Is branch master has backward compatibility with release/7.0.x in database level?