Can redash be integrated into another website?

Hello, I need to create a dashboard into my web application. I am considering use redash. I think that is a powerfull tool, but I don’t know if is possible to integrate it inside my website, or I need to use it as another website.

I think that it is possible becase my request is very similar as the feature in slack, but I cant locate any example of my scenario

Welcome to the forum. There’s instructions for embedding dashboards available in the docs. Can you say more about your use case?

  • Who will access the dashboard, customers or internal users?
  • Will the same data be presented to all viewers of the dashboard? Or should it show different data to different users?

The story around white labeling is still under consideration. But the app excels at sharing data with your team.

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It was very userfull. I’m now trying to embed it on my aplication. Thanks