Can you modify the Schema Browser refresh query?

Version 7.0.0

Particularly this is for a Snowflake data source.

I’m currently running into the “Schema Refresh failed. Please try again later.” issue which returns error: {message: "Error retrieving schema.", code: 2} while clicking the refresh button in the Schema Browser to get a list of new tables that have been created.

I was able to track down that it’s doing this query in Snowflake:

SELECT col.table_schema,
        FROM PRODUCTION.information_schema.columns col
        WHERE col.table_schema <> 'INFORMATION_SCHEMA'

and Snowflake throws Information schema query returned too much data. Please repeat query with more selective predicates., which makes sense to me since our PRODUCTION has a ton of schemas and tables within, so I’d like to try and replace this with a better performing query.

Lastly, if I try and do a partial search of tables then hit the refresh button, that doesn’t change the above query, though that may be expected.

Yes, you can modify the get_schema method in the Snowflake query runner.

The search bar on the schema browser filters whatever keys were returned by the API. A new HTTP request isn’t issued during a search.

Great, exactly what I was looking for, thanks!