Cannot embed Dashboard with iframes


I am new to redash and try to embed Dashboard using iframes. This is my steps:

  • Install redash to local machine
  • Create dashboard
  • Share dashboard and Allow public access
  • Copy link and embed using iframe

This is my iframe code:
[iframe id=“redashIframes”
title=“Redash Dashboard”

However, The page show " localhost refused to connect.":

How can I allow embedding dashboard?

Some how, I open html file with firefox and It works. Doesn’t work with chrome

Chrome is checking url & cert.
I did the same with a chrome extension and I was forced to use httpS in the iframe and force the site to be trustable (force the unsafe website)

I also oblige to use ‘public dashboard’ to avoid connection…

hope it helps

Also doesn’t this fail if you access it from other systems on your network? localhost points to the current box. If you try to view the page from elsewhere it seems like it would still fail.