Cannot save query


I am new to Redash, and am trying to change an existing query for a client. I have checked the help page and it says Cmd/Control S are the keys to save the query (could not find any visible control to do it).

I can enter and execute the new query. But when I want to save: Command-S always goes to the browser’s Save Html function, so that’s not right. Control-S does nothing. And of course I get prompted that the page is unsaved when I navigate away.

I have tried both Chrome and latest Firefox, these behaviours are the same.

What am I missing? Thanks.

Can you share a screenshot of the page? It sounds like you don’t have edit permissions on the query. In this case you aren’t allowed to save changes to it.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it turned out that we hadn’t been given Admin permission. When our client changed that, the Save button appeared.

The UI here could be more helpful. For example, showing a message that Save isn’t possible due to user permissions. “You may edit this query and Execute, but you cannot save the published query,” etc.
That editing is still allowed, but save is not, is a bit confusing.

I’m sure the team would review a pull request adding this!