Can't Access Public Scheme


I am trying to access a postgres database on a local network. If I use psql or even oracle sql developer the query “select * from states” gives me the correct returned data. But if I try it from redash I get an error
Error running query: relation “states” does not exist LINE 1:

I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. If it was an access permissions issue once assumes psql or oracle sql developer would give me the same problem. There is obviously something about redash queries that I don’t understand.

Any help would be appreciated.



Are you sure you’re using the same user in Redash and in psql? If you are, then make sure you pick the correct data source when writing a query.


Thanks for your answer.
I was using the same user but since I was querying a database on my local network (completely isolated) and was really in a prototyping stage I did not set a password for the postgres user. Other applications seemed ok with the lack of a password but psycopg seems to not be able to handle that.
I set a password (which was probably better anyway - I get that) and now it seems to work.

Thanks again for your help. This is a great product. I heard about it on the Talk Python to Me podcast and it is just as awesome as you suggested it would be.