Can't connect to MySQL



We set up Redash to run on Amazon EC2 using the Docker based installation guide. We got it running successfully with

docker-compose -f docker-compose.production.yml up
command and everything works fine on :5000

However we’re having troubles connecting to our MySQL database. When I input in all the information such as type, name, host(i fill with my ec2 ip address here ), port, user, password, and database name, when i test connection,error occurred, like the image show


Can anybody help us figure this out or suggest a different way to connect to a database?



I would check the security group settings for the MySQL database, to make sure it allows access from the Redash EC2 instance.


Pleased to receive your reply and I’m looking forward to your good news. Thanks!


You may have to add the redash EC2 IP into the authorized IP to connect to your MySQL database.