Hello everyone !

I just started using re:dash recently, and i’m having some trouble trying to use Python data sources.
Although i can get by using SQL, i’m way more proficient with Python and getting data viz directly from a script would be awesome ! :smiley:

I believe Python data sources were enabled correctly, and i managed to add modules. Pandas and Numpy seem to work fine, but here is the thing : pyscopg2 isn’t recognized. Problem is, my scripts need to access a DB, and i can’t use them without this module.
When I try to launch a script that imports psycopg2, here is what happens in re:dash :

I double checked that psycopg2 was installed on the server, and it is (i wanted to show you a screenshot, but i apparently can’t put 2 images in one single post, as a new user)

I’m confused as to why some modules would work and some wouldn’t. I probably did something wrong.
Do you have any idea what i may have messed up ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: