Can't login on my iPad

Hello there, I’m trying to login to my redash account on my iPad iOs 14.6, and it is impossible to login!

The message is “Wrong email or password” but I’m logged in my laptop and it works perfectly!

I need help because I use my iPad to work.


I can’t reproduce this. I tried:

  • 2018 iPad Pro running iOS 14.4.2 – [success]
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 14.6 – [success]
  • 2018 iPad Pro running iOS 14.6 – [success]

I’ll install 14.6 on my iPad for good measure and try again.

[edit] installed and tested, updated the list above

More likely the problem is on your end. You have probably entered your password incorrectly or visited the wrong Redash URL.

Dear Jesse,

It’s not a password problem, since I can use redash on my Laptop without any issues, but when I try to login into my ipad browser is not working at all.

I updated my previous post. Having now tested with hardware-software combinations I’m confident this is an issue on your end. You should confirm that your password is correct and that you are logging into the correct Redash URL.