Can't migrate users

Hi there,

I’m having trouble migrating my users using redash-migrate. I had invited some users to the destination instance once I set it up and before the migration scripts were available.

I was able to properly migrate the data sources, but ran into some trouble when migrating users. I realized it was probably because of the users I had invited to the destination instance, so I manually added them to the meta.json only including their id and email.

Once I did that, I was able to run redash-migrate users. The output showed:

CAUTION: user list is not in sync! Destination contains 57 users. Origin contains 343 users

All of the users that could not be migrated showed the same message:

Could not create user: probably this user already exists but is not present in meta.json

Something to note: I don’t have Google Auth setup on the destination but it was enabled on the source instance – not sure if this could be an issue for those accounts.

Any idea on how I can rectify the remaining 286 accounts?

:wave: thanks for your question. I haven’t seen this happen before but happy to help debug it and hopefully we can get a fix out soon.

The are three numbers that matter: how many users exist at

  1. the destination
  2. the origin
  3. meta.json

The checker is telling you there are 57 at the destination and 343 at the origin. But how many appear in your meta.json?

Ultimately we want all three numbers to be the same.

Also worth noting: the migration script assumes you are moving to a completely new instance. So this is a bit of an edge case. To narrow down the issue you could try spinning up a completely fresh instance and trying the migration. If even that fails then we can assume it’s an issue with google domains or etc.