Can't return user to admin role


We were testing out the default, view, and admin roles with a user that was originally in the admin roll. After that account through default and view, I returned it admin (and admin only). The user is able to login but gets the message “it seems like you don’t have permission to see this page…”… I’ve tried everything… different browser, incognito, disabling/reenabling the account, restarting the service… not sure what else to do. We’re using google auth… any advice on what to try?


Yes, currently a user has to be a member of at least one more group for the UI to function properly.

Do you have access to the metadata database Redash uses/the Redash server over SSH?


Yes, I have access to the server and database.

The user is currently in the admin group is getting that “permission” error message.


Ha! I misunderstood what you meant… I added the user to a second group so that he’s in admin and default… works now. Thanks!