Can't send email using Amazon SES


I construct Redash environment on AWS.
And I want to use AWS SES for sending email from redash.
However I can’t send emails using AWS SES.

I checked other topics related the email issue, but I could not find the solution.
ex: Email sending settings using Amazon SES

So I created this topic and could you please give me your cooperation?

I am using ECS to run redash server and worker.
The followings are the summary of the task definition for worker container

  • image: ‘redash/redash:10.1.0.b50633’
  • command: ‘worker’
  • environment variables
    • REDASH_HOST: ‘’ // url to my redash service
    • REDASH_REDIS_URL: redisUrl,
    • REDASH_COOKIE_SECRET: ‘my-secret’,
    • QUEUES: ‘default,queries,scheduled_queries,schemas,emails,periodic’,
    • WORKERS_COUNT: ‘4’,
    • REDASH_MAIL_PORT: ‘465’,
    • REDASH_MAIL_USERNAME: ‘XXXXXXXXX’, // access key of SES smtp credential
    • REDASH_MAIL_PASSWORD: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxx’, // secret access key of SES smtp credential
    • REDASH_MAIL_USE_TLS: ‘true’

I want invite new user and send mail to (<- example mail address).

I have added to AWS SES verified identities.
And confirmed it is possible to send SES test mail to from

And I could not find error logs.

Could you please tell me how to set up correctly?

Thank you in advance.

How do you know that emails are not being sent?

Thank you for your reply!

How do you know that emails are not being sent?

SES Event is logged and it stored in strage.
However I can’t find logs after sending invitation mail from Redash.

In Addition, actually, I can’t find logs related sending main in Redash service log.

Have you verified your TLS and SSL settings are correct?

Have you verified your TLS and SSL settings are correct?

Do you mean setting of SES side or Redash side (environment variables such as REDASH_MAIL_USE_TLS, REDASH_MAIL_USE_SSL)?
I’m sorry but I’m not familier with this kind of settings…

Could you give me sample setting for using AWS SES if you have.

We don’t use SES internally. There have been several posts here on the forum from users who successfully configured with SES. Please consult those.

Thank you for your support.

OK, I will try it.