Can't update dshboard widgets using Redash Rest Api

Using Redash Redash Rest Api, I was able to successfully create a dashboard and also add widgets/visualization to that particular dashboard. The issue I’m facing when trying to update the dashboard, I can remove/change/add tags to dashboard using the api

/api/dashboards/db_id->post with json data {“tags”:“hello”}

but i can’t do this to update the widgets in dashboard. It does not return any error nor it gets updated.
I’m also not able to find proper documentation for Redash Rest api

That API isn’t documented.

Are you trying to tag the widgets?

No i want to remove widgets from dashboard using API

You can do this with a DELETE http request to api/widgets/<widget id>

but that would delete the widget from all dashboard that are using it, wouldn’t it?

No. Widgets can only have one dashboard. A visualization can appear in many widgets. But deleting a widget doesn’t delete the visualization.