Can't use DynamoDB data with DQL


Hi, we failed to connect with DynamoDB using your ap-northeast-1 AMI and the latest version.

Trying something simple like SCAN * FROM test and select * from test, but returns “Error running query: Unrecognized action ‘scan’” and “Error running query: Unrecognized action ‘select’”


  • AMI: ap-northeast-1 AMI
  • Version: 0.11.1+b2095
  • Data Source
    – Type: DynamoDB(with DQL)

I can already see my DB tables in query page, so I guess connecting has successfully done. Do you have any ideas?


Unrecognized action is an error that comes from the DQL library. But from looking at their code, SCAN and SELECT are definitely recognizable.

Is your query just SCAN * FROM test or has some other text around it?


My query is only SCAN * FROM test. I tried also SELECT * FROM test_log.


I faced same error also.

First, I tried to use dql in console instead, then execute the same command and there are some error returned.

So, I tried to upgrade the dql.

sudo pip install --upgrade dql

And restart redash, Problem solve.