Change dashboard widget title

I’ve tried many different ways in different places but it looks like I need to face the dark reality: there doesn’t seem to be a way to customise the title of a widget, within a dashboard.

We’re stuck with Visualisation Name (if any) — Query Name with no possibility of appeal.

For a 6-months old beta-release product, I would get it. I don’t get it for a professional tool which claims to “help companies make sense of their data”.

It is such a BASIC thing…

It’s basic for you. Completely unnecessary to many others. I actually think it will be useful, but it wasn’t as important compared to other things we decided to work on.

Being a small team we can’t implement everything, so we have to prioritize based on feedback.

Btw, we don’t make empty claims, we actually help companies. If we haven’t, we wouldn’t be here. We aren’t some VC fueled startup, but a bootstrapped company. If we don’t deliver value to our customers, we won’t exist.


To put a bit more context around this request.

Both widgets at the bottom of this partial screenshot are based on the same query, only with a different parameter value. Since widget titles can’t be changed, they become more an annoyance than anything (I would prefer no title at all, even). And I’m forced to use these “text boxes” widgets to mention the value of the parameter. If there was a way to display these text boxes in a nice and subtle way (e.g. not to in-your-face, small enough, with centered text, etc), that might be a solution, but unfortunately this is not the case.

You will also note the “disappearing” menu. I guess having menus that display properly is also not a “basic” requirement, right? :wink:

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I agree with JRfff, customizing widget titles and charts titles all this are necessary.
This should be complex solution, using template language with expressions.
As example titles for charts, where we can show average and/or summary, etc.
Or widget titles, where we can show one or several query params with conditional statements.
Now we use hacks, because full solution should proposed by core team and expand by community.
We are waiting and hope :wink:

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Finally some sanity here. Thanks.

I wouldn’t go as far as a full template-able solution as a first implementation, but at least… being able to change the widget’s title. Sorry to insist on it but yes, it is indeed a very, very basic thing that every BI/datavis tool (Tableau, PowerBI, SiSense, Metabase, Looker, you-name-it) in the world handles… except Redash.