Change Group Permissions

Hi !

I am using the Redash API from my python application and I saw that the default permissions for a Group are : [“create_dashboard”, “create_query”, “edit_dashboard”, “edit_query”, “view_query”, “view_source”, “execute_query”, “list_users”, “schedule_query”, “list_dashboards”, “list_alerts”, “list_data_sources”]

I want to create a group with only part of these permissions, or modify the permissions of an existing group.

The API is not documented so I am working with the source code to understand how to use the API, but haven’t found a solution for this.

Looking here I don’t see an API endpoint that will change group permissions that way. But the CLI includes commands for editing groups. Maybe you could use those?

If even the cli is insufficient, then create a group and directly go to the database and change the values. I know it’s not the best practice but works if the changes are infrequent.

Yes i thought about changing the database directly but I don’t really like this solution

I want to set a default permission list and have all of my groups created with these. Is there maybe a way to alter the default list ?

I don’t think so. You’ll have to fork the code and run your implementation. Though it would be a useful thing to have. I assume it’s a common problem; having control over permissions. I believe redash had to undergo a change in permission model but not sure how far has the progress reached.

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