Charts showing '0' although data is different



I’ve created a query with some visualizations. It worked fine but suddenly the chart shows ‘0’ despite the shape of the graph is correct and the data is fine.

You can see that the trendlines in both graphs are fit to the data in the table but the data labeks shows ‘0’ (see the right chart).

Any idea?



Can you show how the data looks like? Is it possible it’s not real numbers but a string that represents the numbers?



You can see the data on the picture above (left side below in the picture).

Anyway, I changed my query and it works now:

format(@prev := glb.global_cnt, 0) as ‘Total Scans’,
format(c1.sender_cnt, 0) AS ‘AutoMarker’,
format(c2.sender_cnt, 0) AS ‘BidDoctor’,
format(c3.sender_cnt, 0) AS ‘Spector’

I removed the ‘format’ and it works. But I must mention that it works before with the format function.


It will be resolved when this is merged (and released):