Charts size bigger and scroll bars appear

Hi Team,

We are using the master version and notice that charts size are bigger and scroll bars appear

This was proper in earlier versions.

Any suggestions?

This looks like a bug report so you can open an issue on Github for it.

Also, you didn’t give us any steps to reproduce the issue. Without them there’s nothing we can do. Make sure when you create the issue to follow closely the prompts in the issue template (description, reproduction steps, current browser / OS, expected behavior).


Thanks for the repsonse.

Attaching the steps to reproduce

  1. Ccreate a new query using dummy values or real data

  2. Create Pie chart using the fields

  3. Add widget to dashboard

  4. Bigger chart with scroll bars

  5. Created a similar charts in Redash 7. Proper chart size(Expected Result)




kindly get back . Even for counters scroll bars appear

Looks like this conversation continues on Github