Chosing between PostgreSQL and MySQL as main database for Redash

Hey folks :wave: !

I was wondering if you guys have planned to support MySQL as an additional option to be used as main database for Redash ? And therefore have the option to choose between MySQL and PostgreSQL.

I managed to make it work by changing few types (postgresql.array, postgresql.json) in the models to mysql.json, as everything is managed by sqlalchemy it’s not too complicated to make the changes and try out. There is one limitation though, the Full Text Search that I did not managed to support yet on the mysql dev version.

Do you think this is something useful to have ? Do you find any limitations ?

Peace :v:

Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum. We’ve experimented with this, actually. Realistically it won’t make sense for us to maintain compatibility for both Postgres and MySQL as a backend. But I can see migrating to MySQL / MariaDB in the future.