Cloudwatch logs insights query examples

How to do request to cloudwatch logs insights?

For example I do this request in AWS cloudwatch console. How to do the same request in redash?

fields @timestamp,,body.to_pause_months,@message
| filter ispresent(
| sort @timestamp desc
| limit 20

Which version of Redash are you running?

Hi thank for your reply
I have version 9.0.0 alpha (dev)

I haven’t used Cloud Watch personally. And since V9 is not released yet we don’t have documentation for this one.

But its query runner accepts YAML input and passes the key-value-pairs directly into Amazon’s boto3 Python adapter. There’s some examples in this SO question. You’ll need to provide a logGroupName. So your query would look like this:

logGroupName: <whatever log group you need>
startTime: <your desired startTime string>
queryString: fields @timestamp,,body.to_pause_months,@message | filter ispresent( | sort @timestamp desc | limit 20

I believe you can insert newline characters in the queryString without impacting the query (which helps readability).

If you don’t provide an endTime key-value-pairt it’s implicitly the time of execution.