Collapsible Query Browser


Hi All,

The schema browser in the re:dash is really helpful - but as number of schema and tables grow list become very huge.
Are there any plans in future to enhance schema browser which will allow schemas to collapse/expand.

Thanks in Advance,
Hussain Bohra


By collapse/expand, do you mean something like the animation below?

As for future plans – we’re planning to improve the schema browser by making it server backed. It will no longer have to load all tables in the client side and we will be able to offer better search experience (which is disabled for schemas with more than 500 tables).

Also there will be a dedicated view for schemas, but that might be of less interest to you.


Hi @arikfr - With “collapse/expand” I meant - schema browser will load all schema(s) initially and a user can expand any schema to see all tables into it. Something like below image:

Also - currently our presto has more than 500 tables and search text box in schema browser is disappeared. Please see below image:

Are we seeing this because - as you mentioned in your post - “which is disabled for schemas with more than 500 tables” ? Is this number (500) somewhere configurable?

Hussain Bohra