Completed solution for export/import or sync dashborads

I have a two self hosted redash with different users and different data sources.
I need export dashboards with visual widgets and queries from my self hosted first redash and import to self hosted second redash.
Have you any tools for it issue? It may be commercial tool.
Best solution - sync tool for syncing dashboards and queries only.

If the two instances are of the same version you can use the API to do it. I’m not aware of a turnkey solution but you can use redash_toolbelt (the Python library) to facilitate the connection.

Thanks for response, but I need a ready-made solution that will correspond to the current Redash API. If you write yourself, then you will need to support yourself. And in addition, it is not a fact that the redash_toolbelt library corresponds to the current redash api.

Are you sure? What parts of the API does it not correspond to? We use it regularly without issues.

And conversely, if someone else writes it for you then they have to support it. Do you volunteer? :wink:

I ready to buy this tool if it exists. I thought that redash community have a commercial tools.

Just playing around :smiley:

I’m not aware of any commercial tools for Redash. It’s all community-maintained.