Conditional Formatting, where to change it?



First of all, many thanks for this amazing software!

I read this topic that explains how to have a conditional formatting:

But my question is WHERE should I make this change.

Could you please help me? Maybe an easy example would clarify that.

Thanks in advance!


Ok, Just learnt it.

For SQL SERVER it is something like that:

 SELECT FirstName as "FirstName::filter" , Gender=(CASE 
 WHEN Gender = 'M' THEN '<div class="bg-success p-10 text-center">' + Gender + '</div>'  
 WHEN Gender = 'F' THEN '<div class="bg-danger p-10 text-center">' + Gender +'</div>' 
 ELSE '<div class="bg-danger p-10 text-center">' +Gender +'</div>' 
FROM dbo.UserProfiles 

Best regards