Configure Query Result Table


For certain data pulls, the query result table can be a bit maddening. It looks like the column width is set based on the column header width, so short column headers with long values cause that value to wrap and make rows take up multiple lines on the screen. I may only end up getting a couple rows of data visible at a time for really bad cases. If I’ve pulled back quite a few columns, in order to see those columns, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the table (to get to the x-scrollbar), then scroll right to see those column shifted off the page, THEN scroll back up to see the column headers again! I’d love to have pinned column headers, the x-scrollbar at the top, and the ability to have the option to truncate long values instead of wrapping. The last is the most important. I’m no JS expert and struggled figuring out what widget was being used for the table or I would have tackled this myself. Any suggestions on how to configure what you’ve got or suggestion to get started addressing my problems?