Configuring Decimal/Thousands Separator

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I was wondering what are the options to configure decimal/thousands separator. I’m currently seeing numbers formatted the US way and I would like to change it.
Is this inherited from the server locale? I didn’t find an environment variable and I couldn’t find any setting at the user level.

Any help is appreciated!

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I found it in the visualization screen under ’ Visualization editor’ - ‘Data labels’ .
From there a link was available to:

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Thank you for sharing that. However, that only changes the formatting on the table view on the web - if you are using the api (or downloading in csv) to pass those data to another app, they still get the US decimal/thousands separators. From what I found, there is no way of achieving a complete effect on the formatting of a specific query.
They very inelegant way I used was to cast the numbers to text and replace the . to ,