Configuring Decimal/Thousands Separator

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I was wondering what are the options to configure decimal/thousands separator. I’m currently seeing numbers formatted the US way and I would like to change it.
Is this inherited from the server locale? I didn’t find an environment variable and I couldn’t find any setting at the user level.

Any help is appreciated!

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I found it in the visualization screen under ’ Visualization editor’ - ‘Data labels’ .
From there a link was available to:


Thank you for sharing that. However, that only changes the formatting on the table view on the web - if you are using the api (or downloading in csv) to pass those data to another app, they still get the US decimal/thousands separators. From what I found, there is no way of achieving a complete effect on the formatting of a specific query.
They very inelegant way I used was to cast the numbers to text and replace the . to ,

That certainly works :slight_smile:

The API isn’t a presentation layer. It assumes you will transform the data before displaying elsewhere.

Hello. I’m having the same issue than Marcode

I’ve been testing differents formats as on user guide: without success.

Is not a problem that only ocurrs in API. The base problem is that is imposibble specify the thoussand and decimal separator. In US, there are ‘,’ and ‘.’ but localy may be opposite. No matter how format I try, always a comma will be a thoussand separator. On Europe, the comma is the decimal separator. Is a locale setting, not a number format, and there aren’t any place to change it

Redash uses Numeral.js to format numbers. Numeral supports locales but I don’t know if we bubble that up through our interface. You can override it in the source, though.

Hmmm… I don’t like to override the source because the updates will be more dificult. I will wait at least until the v8 release

Smart thinking. This ought to be a feature request as it has drawn some interest and should be straightforward to implement. It would make a good starter PR for someone in the community.