Connect multiple dashboards


I want to put a HTML <a> tag link in a particular dashboards, which leads to another closely related dashboard. I am wondering if this is possible with redash?

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You can do it in many ways. One of the easiest should be adding a TextBox to your dashboard and writing a link using Markdown syntax.


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You can also use the advanced table visualization options to incorporate database returns into your links.

Suppose the following query lets you search for customers by name.

FROM customers
WHERE customer_name LIKE '%{{ search_term }}%'

You can customize the table visualization to point customer_id at a customer data dashboard. Perhaps the link would be something like:

${APPLICATION_ROOT}/dashboards/customer_dash?p_customer_id={{ @ }}

The {{ @ }} references each row’s customer_id.

The visualization will now include links to the customer_dash dashboard that pre-populated the correct dashboard parameter.

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Does Redash have documentation for APPLICATION_ROOT? After quick google search it looks like it comes from flask?

That’s pseudo-code. If your’re using hosted Redash then your application root is your organization slug.

/your-organization/dashboards/customer_dash?p_customer_id={{ @ }}

If you self-host at then your application root is just /.

/dashboards/customer_dash?p_customer_id={{ @ }}

There’s no magic here. It’s just how your browser reads URLs.

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Is it possible though, if I have a funnel for example. In the first step I have 60 customers and I want to insert a hyperlink ‘60’ to a dashboard that shows the information of those users?

Right now you can insert links on tables and dashboard text boxes. You can’t add links to the visualizations. I would make a table that appears beside your funnel with links to the relevant dashboards.

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Thanks for the suggestions!