Connecting Redash 4 to ElasticSearch 6


I’ve been trying to use Redash to do some dashboarding with an ES 6 backend. I’ve used the redash docker compose file which pulls the latest redash docker image from docker hub.

Setting up the ES datasource works fine but then actually running a query results in this error:

Error running query: Failed to execute query. Return Code: 500 Reason: {"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"illegal_state_exception","reason":"source and source_content_type parameters are required"}],"type":"illegal_state_exception","reason":"source and source_content_type parameters are required"},"status":500}

Redash seems to pass the query via a URL query parameter source and as per ES documentation here this also requires to pass source_content_type as an additional parameter which redash isn’t doing as far as I can see in the logs (the logged query URL only contains the source parameter and the encoded query).

I assumed that’s just an issue in Redash not having caught up with ES 6 yet so I logged an issue on github ( but was asked to open a support query on the forum.

Anyone had success to get Redash to work with ES 6?

Side note: Setting up a Kibana datasource seems to work but then the queries one can use are rather limited by the sounds of it (at least that’s how I read the Redash ES related docs).